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Instagram Channel Installation Instructions




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    Vladan Jovic

    Hey, imgs are not visible ;)


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    Hi Vladan

    Thx - Fixed it!

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    Aditya Talekar

    I have integrated Instagram with Zendesk but I see a single ticket created for multiple comments on the posts, can we have different tickets created for different comments on the post?

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    Hi Aditya

    Thank you for your feedback.

    At the moment this is not possible. When we created the channel, most testers wanted it this way, since they have 100-200+ comments on a post and that would and up being af lot of tickets if they had separate tickets for each comment.

    We're actively working on making this an option in a future version of the channel, though.

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    Aditya Talekar

    Got it thanks. Please do post it and announce it if we have a solution for the same.




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    Hi Aditya.

    You bet.

    We'll announce it on all channels when the next mayor update to the instagram channel launches.

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    Is there a way to receive ONLY DMs via  Zendesk?


    And if they are opened, will they be marked read in the Instagram app?  We are a retail fashion company and need to be able to have our customer support team field Insta inquiries while our social team fields all others.

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    Hi Alexis.

    Unfortunately, the Instagram APIs does not allow the use of DM in 3rd party applications, such as our Instagram integration with Zendesk.

    The Instagram Channel supports comments, and in the near future will also support hashtags and @mentions from Instagram.

    You can have as many Instagram account linked as you'd like and you can use it in triggers and automation as well as in statistics in Zendesk Insights and Zendesk Explore. 

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    Silvia Vecchini

    I've followed your instructions but once I'll click on AUTHORIZE, I have a list of channels but I can't see the one I want to synch. My account is a business one.




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    Christian Tvede

    Hi Silvia,

    I have created a ticket. So let's continue the troubleshooting there. 

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